It's a Nguyen Nguyen

$ 20.00

Did you know that 40% of all Vietnamese have the same last name Nguyen? How do you pronounce it anyways? Is it "Na-Goo-Yen", "New-Yen", "Nuh-Guy-In", or "Win"? We like "win!" the best. 
Here at ANH OI we would like to say "It's a Nguyen Nguyen situation" when you have to make a difficult decision and can't go wrong. An example of a "Nguyen Nguyen situation" would be trying to decide between Vanilla or Strawberry ice cream. You just can't lose! 
If you don't already know the history of why so many Vietnamese people has the same last name Nguyen, then please read about it here on Wiki: Nguyen

Printed on fine Jersey (100% Cotton) construction American Apparel t-shirts, "The softest, smoothest, best-looking short sleeve tee shirt available anywhere!" 
NOTE: T-shirt may shrink up to 3-5%, but you can avoid this by washing with cold water and lay flat to dry.